Sunday, December 12, 2010

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The Universal Choking Sign compilation came out on Excursion records in late 1994, and it was a great representation of the varied sounds being created in the hardcore/punk scene of the Northwest around 93/94. The comp was only released on vinyl that came in a hand screened cover and was limited to 1,000 copies. Also included was a giant newsprint insert with lyrics and photos.
It starts off with a spoken word piece by Greg Bennick, and then dives right into some stand out tracks by the likes of Brand New Unit, Sparkmarker, Undertow, Strain, Jayhawker and more. This comp also features the only recorded output by a band called Digh Down. The band featured Ron Guardipee (Brotherhood) on vocals, with the rest of the band being made up of Mark Holcomb (Undertow) and Erik Kindler on guitar, Ryan Murphy (Undertow) on drums and the great Dave Larson (Excursion Records mastermind) on bass. The track was recorded during the same session that Undertow recorded the Control EP for Overkill Records.

v/a - Universal Choking Sign
[Excursion Records - 1994]


Kef said...

Thanks so much for this one, was seeking for it for quite some time. Also, some songs from Edge of Quarrel are here.

Anonymous said...

Nice, thanks for posting!! I totally remember this-- was Christopher Robin on it? I miss those guys.