Sunday, January 9, 2011

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Here's possibly the first band from the Czech Republic on xStuck In The Pastx. Ember was a short-lived band from the Czech Republic in the mid '90s. They released only 2 records that I know of, but both are pretty good and worthwhile. Here's the first, the 'One Cell Will Become Two' MCD which was released on Day After Records, also out of the Czech Republic, in 1995. Great '90s new school hardcore/emocore (when it wasn't a 'dirty' word). In 1997 they released a full-length called 'Seven Samurai', also on Day After Records, which I can also recommend. This band shared some members with Lvmen, a band that is still active, but sounds nothing like Ember, they have a more heavy post-hardcore sound, also pretty good. Anyways, this MCD came in a cardboard slipcase and as you can see I've played it quite a bunch, the slipcase has got some wear and tear to it. It was also released on 7" btw. Enjoy!

Ember - One Cell Will Become Two MCD