Sunday, January 9, 2011

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I received an email from Derek Morse letting me know that he and Rachel Rosen from Most Precious Blood have launched a record label and will release the vinyl version of the new MPB full length. Here's what they had to say:

Most Precious Blood - On Their Own Terms
MorseCode Recordings is a new record label based out of central NJ owned by Derek A Morse & Rachel Rosen from Most Precious Blood / Indecision / the Wage of Sin. Rachel and I started the label to give back to a music scene that saved the both of our lives. We also produce and release movies and as well as production for music videos for various bands done under We have several releases coming out in the next couple of months. Most Precious Blood – Do Not Resuscitate limited colored Vinyl will be out at the end of January. The May 4th Massacre - All Guilty debut full length is coming out in February. Demos from the band can be heard here: The May 4th Massacre. Members of May4th Massacre include the sons of Josh and Nate of Boy Sets Fire and are based out of Delaware. The long awaited Indecision Documentary DVD will be out in April. In the meantime, teasers for the documentary are posted on youtube.

We are also opening a recording studio with Chris Ross (Torchbearer / Nora) & Chris Pierce - (Doc Hopper / Deadguy) who has manned the controls for such projects as The Ergs!, East West Blast Test, Isuki and Gridlink on Hydrahead records, the remastering of the Rorschach albums, and various other project over the last 14 years of Pierce's recording career. The studio will be located in Rahway, NJ and open in the next two months. We also have CD/DVD duplication capabilities that can handle any size run.
Derek commented “ owning a studio has been a dream of mine since I was young and held my first record.” Rachel also owns Caninus Collars ( in association with Caninus, the pitbull fronted grindcore band and side project of Most Precious Blood.
It's time that people who have been playing in bands in the HC scene for a long time to take control back of things here in NJ.

Most Precious Blood -DNR VINYL PRE ORDER


lynn said...

awarding you with the sunshine award!


pre ordered the rarest color.cant wait to finally hear that new album.theyve put much work in it.I hope this is not the final artwork or is it?I think (only seen from the pictures)that its not that good.but maybe it will look good in its physical form.

shanexedge said...

preordered all 3 already, trying to get my hands on a test press, too, considering MPB is the only band i really actively collect.