Monday, June 27, 2011

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As the guitarist for Farside & 411 and the drummer for Headfirst (not to mention a slew of other projects), Kevin Murphy's invaluable contributions to the '90s hardcore scene cannot be understated. When it comes to Kevin Murphy's contributions to humankind in general, however, we're talking about a WHOLE other level of cannot be understatedness (or something). I refer, of course, to his participation in numerous bike rides to raise money for many different charities. When I interviewed Kevin for xStuck In The Pastx in 2009 (that interview can be found here), he was preparing for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. This year, Kevin will be riding in the Washington Bike MS Ride on September 10th and 11th. He needs to raise $1000 before then, so once again, I urge all of you reading this to donate whatever you can as well as repost this anywhere that's appropriate. Thank you for your time. - Andrew Jacobs


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Wasn't he drummer for Farside?