Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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My friend Max hit me up to let me know that he started a label based in the Ukraine. One Truth Records currently has one release under their belt in Set Adrift. The label has two more releases planned including a 12 inch release for Aspire (if you read my review a few years back, you know I really liked their EP). The Odessa, Ukraine scene is heavily inspired by the New Age Records sound of the early 90s (Outspoken, Mouthpiece, etc.) so if you dig those old New Age releases, you might find something you like.
For further information on the label, you can check them out on Facebook here: One Truth Records on Facebook
If you would like to check out their label webpage, click here: One Truth Records as well as their webstore

Finally, Max runs the One Truth Blog which includes photos of shirts and old vinyl rips. If you are interested in a Russian/Ukrainian release for your band, hit up Max...he might just be able to help you out.