Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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From the Amendment Records website:

We are proud to present a combined effort between two bands from extreme opposites of the American continent. Both bands showcase their affinity for melodic hardcore while wearing their influences on their collective sleeves.

Police & Thieves are known for their melodic brand of 80′s influenced harDCore, while Remission plays a style of hardcore reminiscent of bands like Verbal Assault and One Step Ahead.

For Police & Thieves this is their first official recording since their 2nd EP, “Amor y Guerra” on Youngblood Records in 2008. The songs on the split maintain their mid-tempo melodic sound from their previous releases, while adding faster parts to the songs, giving them a more dynamic and powerful feel. The lyrics of these songs focus on personal struggles as well as those of self-empowerment.

For Remission, they recorded these 2 new songs shortly after their “Winds of Promise” 7” on React! Records. Their style has been influenced by Verbal Assault and Dag Nasty but they continue to put their own stamp of melodic hardcore over this classic style. Lyrically the songs touch upon social and personal issues of the day. It has been said by many that this band put South America on the hardcore map, discover why!

If you haven’t checked neither band, go to their respective bandcamps:
Police & Thieves: http://policethieves.bandcamp.com
or, our bandcamp:http://amendmentrecords.bandcamp.com


Head to our online store: http://store.amendment-records.com and create a user if you don’t have one already and you’re set! We have 3 different colors of vinyl, being teal the more limited one. We also have pressed copies on grey vinyl and black vinyl (the least limited). Teal vinyl copies are first come first served.

Two new designs of shirts were printed as well (one for each band) that you can also order at our store. They were made in American Apparel shirts which fit smaller than your classic Gildan/Hanes ones. Also, if your order contains one of the new shirts, your order will ship in about 10 days (shirts were delayed but are being printed right now). Please take those two things into consideration when you place your order.
Link to order the shirts:

Complete package: 3 version of the 7″ + both shirts:

Those who order the 3 pack of 7″‘s or the complete pack will receive a nice surprise item.


We’re also selling a ton of used records that you can find at our “Distro” section. Lots of great records that you might need to fill some holes in your collection: http://amendment-records.com/amendment/tienda/?cPath=27

Ebay items:

And last but not least, we’re selling a ton of other stuff on eBay to fund upcoming releases! There’s a lot of rare records that you might be interested in, and there will be more to come next week:http://shop.ebay.com/delapasion/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
Thanks for your support!

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