Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Recently, Justin conducted an interview with Dave Walker, vocalist for one of my all time favorite hardcore bands, Harvest. If you've been following us regularly (if you have been, thank you), we've been trying to keep you on top of everything going in the Harvest camp. Someone recently requested an upload for Season Of Fire, Dave's band after Harvest broke up. I checked and apparently both SOF records are no longer available so here you go. I ripped both CDs as VBRs so they sound great and scanned the covers for nice, high resolution images. I also uploaded the band's demo which has the "Office Space" sample before the song "The Dare". The sample was left off the EP version and to be quite honest, I feel like it adds to the track. Unfortunately, the demo is ripped at 128 kbps. This is what I got it at off of Soulseek many years ago so I apologize if it doesn't sound incredible. The band was around more or less for about 3 years, from 2001 to 2003 and did a pretty good amount of shows during that time. Definitely still worth checking out especially if you dig the direction Harvest was going towards on their least record. I spoke to Dave and this is what he had to say about the band:

"Season of Fire was a band that I did around 2001 after taking a hiatus from playing music post Harvest. It was fun while it lasted and underwent many phases in it's short 3-year lifespan. Thanks to Chris and Goodfellow Records for putting these out and most of all for putting up with our antics. During our brief stint, SOF had the opportunity to do some small tours with the amazing bands Bloodjin and Taken. For those who care to hear these, I thank xstuckinthepastx for making it possible." - dave walker

Don't forget that the Harvest reunion is next week...I wish I could go but won't be able to so make sure to go nuts for me.


Season of Fire - Demo

Season Of Fire - Torture Inhibition

Season Of Fire - From Here On Out We Bleed


Nate R said...

Awesome band. I had the pleasure of seeing them at Hellfest 2002. Thanks for uploading their demo.
"Confusion became a word, the word became a name, the name became a face, the face became my enemy!"

Anonymous said...

Could you reupload "From Here On Out We Bleed"? The link is dead. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

these links are dead on my end,please re-up them!!!!

Anonymous said...

they are working grand now, thank you x's a million!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember seing their last show in Québec City. We actually drove 4 hours so see it. They're wasn't a lot of people, but it was awesome. their last song was, no surprise, Harvest's Épicure.