Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Acacia came out of Ontario, Canada and unleashed this EP called "Untune The Sky", which I have always felt is one of the most criminally underrated releases in the early canon of Goodfellow Records.  They had a chaotic sound akin to early Botch, but with more prevalent metal undertones.  Aside from this EP and a track on The Difference Between Us comp, I'm not aware of anything else Acacia recorded and put out, so if anyone has physical copies or mp3s, please get in touch.

Acacia - Untune The Sky
[Goodfellow Records - 1998]


scottwatterton said...

Hey, I used to play in acacia. I visit this blog frequently and was surprised to see this here. There is a bandcamp page with free downloads of lots of acacia stuff. Thanks a lot for this blog, I am a big fan. Cheers


Kyle D said...

ACACIA was fucking amazing.

So good. So underrated (and it was rated pretty high).

I just stumbled across their bandcamp page, mentioned in another comment - and ended up here. I have physical copies of Untune the Sky and 2 other little EP's they did (5 and 2 song).

cole said...

my favorite band of all time... and some good friends, to boot.
RIP Acacia.

Anonymous said...

Musn't neglect to mention the mighty Overshadow!

Ratty Whites 4Life~