Monday, July 25, 2011

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Our friend Chris Ross recently hit us to let us know that his band, Torchbearer, just finished recording tracks for a brand new LP. The record will be released on August 30th via All Ears Music. You can check out the press release below:

New Jersey’s Torchbearer have posted two new songs from their pending full-length “The Dirty Swagger” as well as an internet-only bonus track. The songs can be found at
“The Dirty Swagger” was recorded at CDR studios, and was mastered by Carson Slovak (Century, Armsbendback) at Atrium Audio . The record is currently scheduled for a digital release on August 30th via All Ears Records, with a limited pressing on vinyl to follow.
The full-length is the follow-up release to 2009’s “The Worst is Yet to Come” 7-inch on Soul Rebel records, and sees the band (which features current and ex-members of Nora, Ensign, and For the Love of) expanding upon their own personal blend of Deadguy-inspired metalcore to incorporate new influences from the entire spectrum of hardcore, metal, noise, thrash and beyond."

You can check out tracks from the upcoming release by clicking here: Torchbearer



i wish nora would put out something new.