Saturday, March 10, 2012

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 Wolfpack Collective is a collective group of bands OF ANY GENRE and people that stretch across the US and Canada. Each band will have their own page on the website (currently underway) where their music will stream. Bands will be organized by geographic location which will make it much easier for bands booking tours to find contacts for booking states and for anyone to stream new music!

Checklist for WPC Bands:

1. Promo picture of your band-This can be a live show photo, photos your friends took of the band, whatever you would like to use to represent your band as a whole.
2. Band logo- People who create flyers for shows that your band plays can take the logo off of the WPC site, this will increase our traffic in the sense that assuming, the person designing the flyer will have to come to... WPC to retrieve it
3. Bio- Include information about your band, where you’re from, your Facebook/BandCamp/Whatever URL. This will be representing your band on WPC, we won’t write a bio for you. You must include where you are from, the entire point of WPC is to get a geographic map of bands and essentially, contacts.

Record Labels, Clothing Lines, Promoters, Any Affiliate can send me a Bio, a photo and a weblink and I will include those on the Affiliates page

Once you have completed this checklist email everything to and your submission will be reviewed and if everything is accounted for, you will be added to the band roster.