Saturday, March 10, 2012

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In 1995, I got this idea in my head that I should make a documentary about the Hare Krishna hardcore/punk band 108. I liked the band but I was more interested in the people behind the music. What would make somebody become a Hare Krishna? What would make somebody get into hardcore and become a Hare Krishna? What would make somebody who was into hardcore become a Hare Krishna and then do a band?

So I asked 108 singer Rob Fish, who I had met in the summer of 1994, if I could make a documentary on them. He laughed, talked with the guys in the band and we were all set.

I don't know if I actually answered all of the questions that I had when I started this project. I do know that I didn't want to make a documentary promoting Hare Krishna so much as I wanted to make a documentary promoting a band that I liked whose members just happened to be Krishnas.

This movie has only ever been officially released in the VHS format. There has been talk of it coming out on DVD (and if it ever does it will be loaded with extra features - in fact a DVD was prepared at one point but it never happened). Eventually, I stopped making the VHS available simply because the band had reformed and this movie wasn't so much an accurate representation of 108 as it was a representation of 108 at a very specific time.

Recently, to my surprise, it has been digitized and put online without my permission.

I guess I should take it as a compliment that somebody cared enough to bootleg a movie of mine. At the same time, I just wish they would've asked. No hard feelings though.

I hope you enjoy CURSE OF INSTINCT: 108's FINAL TOUR.

Thanks to 108 for being so open and candid when we made this movie together almost 20 years ago.

Evan Jacobs
producer/editor/videographer of CURSE OF INSTINCT: 108's FINAL TOUR