Saturday, March 3, 2012

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For The Love Of's debut record, "Feasting On The Will Of Humanity" was originally self-released through their Signature Records label before it was reissued by Ferret Records less than a year later.  I'm not sure how many were pressed via Signature, but I don't seem to see them pop up very often, so the numbers could have been down around 500.  When Ferret reissued the CD, a lot of the original art was retained, but it was still heavily redesigned, as you can see below.


Stanley said...

Thanks for posting this. There were 1000 in the initial production.

joshcallism said...

I loved watching these guys do their super evil schtick. Pounding on an anvil in the dim lights. tight.

mr lun said...

this band was just too damn good. wish i still had my FTLO shirt from that time.