Saturday, December 1, 2012

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In preparation for a full discography CD that should be seeing the light of day relatively soon, In Vinyl We Trust has just released an Atlas Shrugged 7" with two newly recorded tracks.

Here's a small writeup from the label/distro:
As our first release I am extremely excited to offer you a brand new 7" from 90's hardcore band Atlas Shrugged. I first became aware of AS in 1996 in high school when I picked up their split 7" with New Day Rising and became an instant fan. Fast forward sixteen years later to when I saw that the band had recently recorded two songs written in the 90's and was looking for someone to release it. Seemed like a no-brainer for me and thus the label for In Vinyl We Trust was started. The two songs "Smile Song" and "My Kingdom Purgatory" retain the vintage Atlas Shrugged sound while expanding into further post-hardcore/progressive territory. For fans of: Burn, Quicksand, Smile and Voivod
The white vinyl version is limited to 100 hand numbered copies.
The red vinyl version is limited to 200 copies.
Side A: Smile Song
Side B: My Kingdom Purgatory

I also asked Chris Weinblad to give a little perspective as to when these songs were conceived, as opposed to their actual recent recording date.

Both songs are from earlier runs of the band.

SMILE SONG is basically the last song we had worked on before the band called it a day in 97/98. A few little extra twists were put in but for the most part the music and the lyrics are what we were working on before Mark moved to California and the band called it a day.

MY KINGDOM PURGATORY is a song that musically dates back to our demo days in 1992. Why we never recorded it with the demo is still a mystery to me. The lyrics were written specifically for this newly recorded version, as the original lyrics were eventually used for our song "Dreamking".


Anonymous said...

i got it already...but very underrated band,,,thanks for posting