Wednesday, December 26, 2012

 A few weeks ago, we posted about a new band, Gut Feeling, that features ex-members of Catharsis and Undying.  The recording previously mentioned will now be released as an EP, and here's word from the labels.

Gut Feeling is a new hardcore band consisting of various members of older hardcore bands scattered around the North Carolina area (Catharsis, Undying, Nightbear, etc).  Musically these guys deviate from the previous more metal-laced endeavors and the only part that really carries over from the previous is top notch song-writing, structure and musicianship. Gut feeling does a great job bringing back anthemic hardcore in the vein of bands such as Champion, Comeback Kid, Modern Life is War, etc  think fast polished hardcore punk with melodic guitar overtones, a tasteful spattering of gang vocals and sing along parts.

They recorded a 4 song EP in November 2012 (recorded by Kris Hilbert/Legitimate Business and mastered by Brad Boatright/Audiosiege) and then made it available online shortly thereafter. Headfirst! and Bitter Melody having worked together before and already looking to do another project together - briefly discussed interest in putting out this EP on vinyl.  A few days later we got together with the band, and it was decided Headfirst! and Bitter Melody would co-release this EP as their first projects of 2013!  With the combined artistic talents of the band and both labels involved you can expect this to be a top notch release for the start of 2013!

You can stream/download the EP for free at their bandcamp:

Gut Feeling has started booking shows and can be contacted at