Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Here, we have the Barrit demo tape from 1996.
As you can see from the scans below, there wasn't a lyric sheet or track listing that accompanied this tape.  All I had to go on was the fact that Godless Disease was recognizable, as it was re-recorded for the 7", and a brief mention of two other song titles on the old tripod website.  So, I guessed at which songs were which, and the fourth is just titled as "Unknown".  I spent quite a while trying to track down someone that could help me out with pinning down all of the song titles for sure, but everyone that I contacted has either forgotten over the years, or just didn't get back to me at all.
There's also a little bit of noise towards the end of track 2 that I couldn't seem to get rid of after numerous attempts without ruining the overall sound.
Regardless, the songs are all rippers, so enjoy!

Barrit - Demo '96


Anonymous said...

I remember when this came out. Much appreciated, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any chance and can find Relm? which I think was pre-Barrit?

Jeff Wiersma said...

I believe the song titles were

1. Godless Disease
2. Kill The Breed
3. Reside
4. Time Worn