Friday, January 25, 2008

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Okay one last Earth Crisis post. The original Victory "Firestorm" design. This is still one of my favorite designs from them and it shows as I have it in a tshirt, longsleeve, and hoodie. Also as an added bonus Im including the live set from Hellfest 2001. The original rip I did (which is the one that ended up on Soulseek) was not very good. I went back and cleaned it up as best I could and I think it sounds significantly better now. This is the entire set (audio only) from quite possibly the hottest show Ive ever been to. When you came out, steam literally rose off your head. Im glad I was there to witness it...I promise to take a break from the ExC posts and focus on something else unless something comes in the mail today.

Earth Crisis "Live At Hellfest 2001, Last Show"


Guav said...

If there are two things that I wish I could change that Tony Victory did in the 90's, the first one would be crediting me as "Guav the SxE Weapon" on the Firestorm CD.

The second would be this horrible shirt.

You see, EC had just signed with Victory, the Firestorm EP was about to come out, and they needed some merchandise. They asked me to send Tony the logo I drew for them, as well as the artwork for the circular FIRESTORM sticker (seen on the sticker sheet in your previous entry).

It wasn't an awesome t-shirt design (it wasn't an awesome sticker), but they needed something fast. If you look at the sticker sheet, you will see that the circle fades from yellow to red, with a red logo.

Kinda like fire. Get it? Amazing concept, I know.

So anyway, I sent the artwork with clear instructions as to which colors to use, as if it wasn't glaringly obvious. Red & yellow on a black shirt.

Lo and behold, for some fucktarded reason, Victory decided to print the circle fading from blue to white, on a blue shirt, with an orange logo. WTF?

Without the proper "firelike" colors, it's just a fucking dumb circle. An already weak design was rendered totally absurd without the fire theme.

Thanks for posting this, now I'm pissed off all over again haha

xCHIPxSEM said...

hahahah sorry man. Yeah the sticker makes much clearer. Thanks for clearing that up. Crystal says hi

EMS / COREGASM said...

I had this shirt, it is now part of my hardcore blanket. What an era.

Guav said...

Give Crystal a hug for me!

Anonymous said...

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tim said...

i know this post is 2 years old but can someone re-up that "last" earth crisis set at hellfest? i've had it myself for quite some time but itunes decided to delete a few random tracks.