Saturday, January 26, 2008

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fortydaysrain are a band that I have always felt were very underrated, at least definitely out here on the West Coast. I used to talk to their bass player, Al, back in the old days of the AOL hardcore chat rooms. This was long before the era of message boards and paypal preorders, and some pretty legendary and infamous things happened in those chat rooms. In the late 90s, bands were leaning closer and closer to metal sounds, and these guys played what I consider to be a perfect blend of heavy hardcore with well placed metal leads. As far as I can tell, this is everything they put out aside from some comp tracks that I never got my hands on, and for all I know, the songs on the comps may also be present on these releases.

Demo tape 1997
This tape has 4 songs, and I first got it out of my friend Matt's distro box sometime in 1997. A large part of me misses distros, and taking chances on bands that I had never heard of.

The Price Of Innocence 7"
For a record label that only managed to get out two releases, Even The Score records sure did a damn fine job. Kyle Score put out this record and the Falling Down 7" (who soon changed their name to Day Of Suffering). If you ever find a "Straight Edge means automatic weapons" shirt, send it to me, and I'll love you forever!

fortydaysrain/The Year Of Our Lord split 7"
This is one hell of a split 7 inch. fortydaysrain bust out a new song, and a re-recorded version of "Baptism" from their demo tape. The Year Of Our Lord were also bringing something pretty new to the table, in the form of black metal tinged hardcore. If memory serves me correctly, TYOOL also featured a member or two from the early Cave In lineup.

Temptation Of Our Own Demise
This cd initially came out on One Way Home Records, but quite quickly saw a re-release via East Coast Empire. The first 3 tracks were brand new ditties, followed by a mix of tracks from their previous releases. After this, the singer left, and was replaced by Rob Fusco (who had just left One King Down) for a brief period of time. Then one of the guitar players took over vocally, and fortydaysrain fizzled out without recording anything else.


Thomas said...

props to you for posting this. one of my favorites back in the day. i saw that you have the motive 7 inch and cd and was wondering if i could make a request for a post? that would be awesome as i cant seem to find em. thanks!

Nate R said...

Holy shit, this is awesome. Temptation was one of my first hardcore cds and has always been one of my favorites. I never found anything else by them though. Very underrated band. The demo tape won't download, it says file not found...

setstatic said...

the even the score 7" is called the price of innocence...


- steve fdr

d.l. lobos said...

could you possibly re-up the split w/YOOL?

bxl said...

please re-up the 40daysrain/year of our lord split. I own the 7', but would love to have the digital. I am from far northern California (the start of the PNW) and a lot of these bands are from my youth too. Miss those days.

Xero said...

The first demo tape link doesn't work. Would you mind re-uploading it? Thanks for making this amazing blog!