Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Disinfect 7"
I never really got a whole lot of info on these guys, but this record originally came out in 1993 on Reflections Records. My copy is from the second press put out by Very Distro, as noted by the different cover. This is the only release I ever saw from Green Rage, but it's filled with enough awesome 90's chug to satisfy even the biggest 90's vegan straight edge nerds.


Old Armour. said...

I just missed seeing this band by a couple months, and am forever bummed about it.

Green Rage were from Syracuse. Justin O'Hare did vocals. He put on some shows in Syracuse around '95-'96, including the first Avail show I ever saw. He sold out, moved to Philly, became a hermit, maybe not in that order, but, not too many people speak of him much anymore. Those that remember him say he was crazy, had a super short fuse, and wouldn't back down from a fight, regardless of the odds stacked against him.

His brother, Trevor, was crazier, and scarier, actually stabbed some dudes. Went to jail once for cutting a dude's face with a sharpened ice-scraper. He was super nice to me, though, and always said that he wouldn't let people fuck with me, so, I suppose I appreciated that much.

All that is neither here nor there, though. The original cover to this 7" is fucking terrible, and, actually doesn't even fit the entire 7", some of it pokes out the side. That being said, my copy has no insert, and, has "End Raveism" in the matrix on Side A, and "Fuck Chris Fuller" on side B.

I think Chris fuller may have been their original drummer or something, I am not sure.

Other bands that I associate with Green Rage from about the same time-period, were Gatekeeper, Flack Jacket, and, Soulstice. Kris Fuller (spelled with a "K") did drum for Soulstice, and I saw them a number of times. They had a 7" on Scorched Earth, and a full-length on Very. I remember them being awesome, but, they aren't as good to me these days.

xjustinx said...

I love that Soulstice 7", but I've still never heard the full length. I'll have to track it down one of these days.

lex said...

Justin was insane. I was in Syracuse for the last Outpsoken show with EC and several others at the lost Horizon. After the show, we were driving from the grocery store to his (or someone else's) house and the road was under construction. He whips the little Honda Civic hatchback between the pylons and we drop like 6 inches down the asphalt going like 75 mph. He had no idea what was on the other side of the road as it was so freakin' dark. Then, just as erratic, whips the car back on to the left lane with a huge jolt as it jumped the lane.

Green Rage put out a demo tape or something before that 7". I might be able to dig it up.