Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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I love everything Scott Vogel has done...from Fadeaway to Terror and everything in between and before. Despair I only got to see 1 time but they were amazing. It blows my mind that Scott Vogel doesn't have ulcers (shit, maybe he does) because he is one pissed off dude. This was one of their first designs when they were on Treadwater Records before they signed to Trustkill. From what I understand their back catalog is out of print now so hit Amazon and the Trustkill sale bin and order them before they are gone.


Anonymous said...

Scott Vogel is indeed a great dude. I like all his bands as well. Cool blog Chip.

Anonymous said...

Also I see that you used one of the MA pics I posted for you on TL board. Cool :)

xorhunx said...

chip check my blog i have something for you :)