Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Worlds Collide featured members of numerous prominent DC bands including Battery, Damnation AD, Better Than A Thousand, and more. This record was released on Lost and Found Records and has been out of print for quite some time. Great release which also features a live set

It was brought to my attenton that this CD compiles the demo, the 7" and the Get Ross live LP

Worlds Collide - Pain Is Temporary...


XhcnoirX said...

Maybe it's good to mention this CD compiles the demo, the 7" and the Get Ross live LP.

Awesome band btw, especially the live set absolutely destroys, so friggin' good. Their 2nd album (first real one) 'All Hope Abandon' also comes highly recommended, but does have a slightly different sound, so might take some getting used to.

xCHIPxSEM said...

Thank you brother...completely forgot. I have All Hope Abandon and Ill have that posted soon

rybunal said...

i talked to Ken at the burning fight show...he said that there is a possibility of a reunion benefit show. i asked him if he was ever going to do a discography...he said "maybe"

both records are great!

akira said...

YEAAH!!thank you for sharing!!been searching for worlds collide stuff for so long..

are we just object of desire?

i aammm!! hehehe

Neckdeep said...

This LP DOES NOT contain the demo. Yes, they are the same songs, but NOT the same recordings. The demo is so much better. The tracks here are beyond over-produced. Guitar effects, crazy singing and silly samples.

The demo was actually hard core, not some crazy ass hybrid of hardcore trying to be arena rock...which they were certainly guilty of as they gained popularity.