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If you don't know or have any interest in Xessive ForceX, then i suggest you stop reading this right now, because you just won't get it.

Yes, E-Force is more revered now than when they were around. They WERE "popular" at the time, it's true, but they weren't held in the same regard that they are now. I'm by no means saying that they were an IMPORTANT band, per se, but ask anyone who reads this blog or posts on it's forum, and they will tell you that they can't get enough of the chug.

Well, before Dan Gump went away to serve his country, before he started Life Sentence records (which did indeed put out seminal 90's hardcore records, and continued to until 2005?) he sang for a band called Full Contact. This was when he introduced himself to people as "Skinhead Dan from Chicago". Full Contact recorded a demo, which has been featured on BRING HONOUR OR WALK AWAY, but the quality of that demo makes it almost utterly forgettable.

Marc Jackson sent me a few more tracks, which were transferred to digital by Keith Divel (who was a member of E-Force and Giveuntilgone). Marc was recruited to play drums by Gump after the first incarnation of Full Contact imploded. Marc described the recording debacle of recording these songs to me
"Dan told me I could use Billy Hayes' drums and cymbals, he was the drummer for DEAD WAIT. So we go to his place first thing in the morning, wake his as up and Dan tells him "hey, we need to use your shit, Marc doesn't have his drums", so that was awkward. Luckily I knew Billy and he knew Dan, and knew Dan was a liar 98% of the time.
After the recording I wasn't allowed a copy because I didn't pitch in. Then that fucker went to japan for the marines, and I quit to join REFUGE full time. He told everyone I got kicked out, and then started E Force.
Also, he gave all the dudes in that band our recording and told them to use one of the songs, which I'm pretty sure made it on to the full length."

The songs "intro/ Shallow Graves" and "Backtrack" were from this recording session. These, along with "hate", "misguided" and "last time" were never officially released.

The original bass player of Full Contact has created a MySpace page, which has pretty good versions of the recordings of the other songs, and they first demo? He is also disgruntled from Dan Gump, so don't bring it up. The page has tons of cool pictures and flyers.
Full Contact on MySpace

Full Contact lost recordings


Anonymous said...

Sometime in late '92, I had the option of going to see Farside, Blackspot, ICE and others at Loyola or going to see a militant straight edge hardcore/pop punk show at Spanky's featuring A Chorus of Disapproval, Gameface and FULL CONTACT.

I chose the latter.

I regret nothing.

Long before there was Forrest Gump, there was Dan Gump. I love that fuckin' guy.

neil said...

Long before there was Forrest Gump, there was Dan Gump. I love that fuckin' guy.

you said it

veterano said...

hey sweet little follow up, i actually think i have another recording from full contact that i have not transferred yet, but gotta check itout. But hey fuck, we need those refuge recordings from Marc, been searching from heaven to hell, for the demo and wasnt there a 7" released as well or something??
hit him for for that stuff and put it on the blog

jav said...

i actually ripped the Refuge 7" digitally about two months ago, and have been sitting on it. that will be my next post. gotta get some additional info, but itll be here soonish.

veterano said...

JAV awesome if you have ripped it, can you also make scans of front and back cover as well?? then its just the demo I guess, maybe I should ask Marc myself about that demo, the song they ave to Brian and inside front were awesome

marc said...

ha, there's a few different things refuge had recorded. i know there are master recordings somewhere but jav has the 7" and i know i have a demo in a box somewhere. as far as that inside front song, i HAD that tape with my 7"s but i can't seem to find it. that song was heavy. i'll look for all this crap and get jav on the job.

Gavin said...

Anybody want to sell me an E-Force cd? Sold it long ago for some reason....

xjustinx said...

Inside Front tape:

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna attempt to do an interview with Mr. Gump for xSITPx. Stay tuned.

Veterano said...

Marc, i hope you can find that demo, Ill like to see all recorded refuge material posted somewhere on this blog or anywhere else, preferrely with any scans possible.
The refuge song rocked hard on the inside front comp

Anonymous said...

what about full contact from ny with jorge from merauder on the vox?

Anonymous said...

Those were the days. I wonder what happened to Gump? and speaking of Refuge, I remember playing a show in a house with Refuge and Face Value.