Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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After releasing their EP on Goodlife Recordings, Poison The Well went into the studio to record what would become the classic "The Opposite Of December: A Season of Separation". The record was slated to be released on Goodlife until Josh from Trustkill got wind of it and offered to release it. If memory serves, the record was originally to be called "Seasons of Separation" but was changed before its release. Goodlife would go on to release the vinyl version of the CD and Poison the Well became the biggest band in hardcore from late 99 to 01. This shirt was screened by Goodlife and the band sold them as well. I remember my friend Steph had the same design in navy blue with baby blue ink. I'd been searching for this for quite some time and won it on Ebay for $1.04...pretty simple design but definitely an awesome collectible.


alex said...

ya this must of been released before the album was ready for release because it still featured their band logo from the ep's cover, and not their ugly handwritten logo they would use from seasons til version.

Stephen said...

Great shirt. I had the navy w/baby blue version of it.