Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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After Chip posted the layout of Congress' first album 'Blackened Persistence' not too long ago here, it seemed only fitting to do another post on Congress, this time with their earliest material. Here are the Congress demo from 1993 and their 'Euridium' 7"/MCD from 1994. I don't own the demo myself unfortunately, the demo-tracks are taken from the 'The Other Cheek' CD which has them as a bonus. I do own the 'Euridium' 7", however I've ripped them from the 'The Legacy' CD as the 2 tracks which are on the MCD version but not on the 7" are also included on this CD. That's also why the scans are of the 7" version and not the MCD.

Hans Liar wrote a bit on the demo here and on the 7" here. Actually, if you're looking for more info on the whole H8000 scene and its bands, check out the other entries on his blog as well, it's chock-full of info, with Edward GoodLife and other H8000 alumni adding more info in the various comments. Crucial reading material. 'Acoustic Life' from the 7"/MCD also appeared on a really great compilation 7" called 'We Shall Fight In The Streets' which EMS posted here.

'R.I./I Lead Astray' (the intro is killer!) and 'Acoustic Life' from the 7"/MCD are still my 2 fave Congress tracks, but it should be noted that the entire Congress discography is worth checking out. Truly a great band. RIP.

Congress - 1993 demo (download removed due to complaints)
Congres - 'Euridium' 7"/MCD (download removed due to complaints)
Congress website
Congress myspace


xbojanx said...

Thanx, I like these earlier recordings, and had very poor version of demo in mp3.