Monday, February 15, 2010

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Monster sent me some info to pass along.

Austrian label Burning Season Records is going to reissue Purification’s masterpiece “Banging the drums of war” (previously released by Uprising Records), the new version of the cd will include 2 brand new tracks that the band is going to record in the upcoming weeks.

Former guitar player and main composer of Purification, Andrea "Monster" Campanelli, had the following to say about the deal with Burning Season Records:

"As a veteran of the scene myself (i'm 36 yo) i'm honoured and very proud to work with Pat, owner of BSR,because he always managed buisness with ethics, releasing lot of bands with a positive message and never following the "next big thing" or the new trends in hxc.

I'm looking forward to a great partnership btw Purification and Burning Seasons Records, we feel like we found the best home possible for the band right now!"

Purification’s Reunion tour is scheduled for july/august 2010 and will see the band appearing at some of the most important hxc summer festivals.

More infos coming soon as well as the complete tour schedule!

Also included was some footage of the band preparing to start tracking in the studio


Alex said...

i always loved that album! great to see its gonna get some new ears

ososxe said...

Saw them in '98 or '99, I think.. and this summer I'll see them again, it will be an amazing show for sure!