Friday, January 15, 2010

Congress, to my knowledge, really were the band that put the H8000 scene on the map in the 90s (if Im wrong, someone correct me). To be honest, I don't even know if the re-release of this record has a different layout other than the cover. The repress has an up close shot of the wizard (yes I said wizard). The original shows the entire painting which was used on the vinyl cover. You can see what the repress looks like by clicking here. The CD cover has the word "Persistence" mispelled but it might be a European spelling difference. This original pressing includes a thank you list by Goodlife Recordings (Ive seen one other label do this but I cant remember which...I think it was Conquer The World) which is pretty unusual. Also, they include a mini catalog for their upcoming releases in the layout. Bizarre. The back tray card also features the original Goodlife logo (the lightning bolt) before it was changed to the GL that would emblazon every release. I still have to say, while incredibly different than the usual hardcore layout, I love the wizard design on the cover. So evil looking. The record was re-released with bonus tracks and a different cover but this is the original. Overall, a true European classic and a landmark for the H8000 scene.


Aaron said...

Grief(deal with death) is sooo bad ass and heavy.

MiXX said...

Saw them at Dour fest with one of the first spirit of youth's show, huge fight during Congress show, half of the crowd against one.

Good times.
I have some stuff from the H8000 years, i'll send you a list