Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Again, I apologize for my lack of content lately but Ill be back in town tomorrow so posting will commence more steadily on my end. I came across this video of Albany's favorite sons, One King Down, tearing the roof off of the Cocodrie in San Francisco. There's no date given but we can assume its either the late 90s or early 2000's based on the fact that the band was playing as a 4 piece. They would have been touring off of "Gravity Wins Again" with Matt Wood taking over on drums after Derrick Van Wie left and joined Another Victim/True Love/The Promise. An all time classic hardcore song by one of the best.
Also don't forget to check out our previous post on One King Down. The band was nice enough to send us the demo they recorded with Rob on vocals back in 2006...its a Stuck In The Past exclusive so check it out.


actionxjackson said...

so bummed i missed the cocodrie era. that building sits empty and un-used to this day. based on a related video that comes up after okd, it looks like this was a tour with stretch armstrong?

Unknown said...

It was. That show ruled!

Anonymous said...

Rob Fusco is such an ego maniacal piece of shit with a Napoleon complex.