Monday, January 11, 2010

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Here's a compilation from 1997 that flew under the radar a bit at the time, but shouldn't have. It was the first release by Impression Records, a label from Germany which would later on release records from bands such as Endstand, Extinction, Caliban, Burst and Shed. This compilation, 'a benefit for imprisoned animal liberators' as it says on the back, features a stylistically fairly wide mix of bands from all over the globe, from the USA to New Zealand and from Germany to Brazil. There's plenty of good stuff to be found on this 16-band, 16-song compilation, from chugga-chugga like Contempt (USA) and The Season (New Zealand) to more crazy stuff like Innerface and Corrin (both USA) to the soft like Standpoint (USA) to more melodic hardcore like Endstand (Finland) and Ember (Czech Republic) and everything that is '90s inbetween. Not the best compilation from the '90s, but a pretty good one nonetheless, so check it out.

Mother Earth - A Straight Edge Hardcore Compilation


stepping razor said...

Wow, never thought I'd see this one getting plugged again, it didn't even get plugged then!! A good comp.