Monday, January 4, 2010

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My friend Vasya sent me these as promos last month and basically life got in the way so here I am, finally, with the reviews. Russia is really starting to come up and become a noticeable force in hardcore with American bands making the trek over on tour and new bands popping up. Vasya, vocalist for Verdict, runs Self True Records based out of Moscow and is helping to get recognition for their small but burgeoning scene. If you like what you hear from any of these, Ill have copies in stock shortly through the Stuck In The Past Distro so help support these great bands. For more information, check out the Self True Records Website.

- Self Titled EP
I first heard about Aspire through a post on the Catalyst board and instantly thought "Outspoken". This band reminds me a lot of Outspoken, a band that many kids like but few have really tried to emulate. These guys do it and do it well. They also remind me of Trial alot, especially in the vocal department. The music has a good share of fast parts and slower 90s chug with the tribal drum beat lead up that we love so much right before the breakdown/singalong. The band is actually based out of the Ukraine, not Moscow I just realized. The band sings in Russian so I was unable to figure out what he was saying at first but the insert has the English translations. Lyrically, it seems as if the band is dealing mostly with personal issues. Definitely a band that, if they can transcend the language barrier, I think is going to do big things.

Obsession - Demo
A new band based out of Moscow that reminds me a lot of Unbroken and Judge. This demo is apparently limited to 50 copies so I may not have any of these for sale but Ill see what Vasya sends me. Lyrically, it seems that the band is dealing with personal issues as well (but then again I have a translation that Vasya sent me as the lyrics are printed in Russian) but I may not be picking up some underlying meaning. 2 songs on this demo seems like such a teaser and Im excited to hear more from these guys.

Verdict/Hoy Es El Dia/Shiver - 3 Way Split
If you've followed my "Current Bands Playing 90's Style Hardcore" series, you've seen give praise to both Verdict and Shiver. Hoy Es El Dia (Chile) I hadn't heard and was pleasantly surprised as they reminded me a lot of Brother's Keeper especially vocally with some Arkangel parts. The songs are sung in Spanish but the insert gives the English translation. I kinda like that bands sing in their native language...always nice to give the translation as well. Shiver (Japan) plays that 90s chug style that I love so much. They had released a demo through the Retribution Network and that was the last thing I had heard from them. Then all of a sudden, heres 3 new songs. Definitely more polished and tighter than their previous release, Im hoping these guys release their own record. Verdict (Russia) was the first band I heard out of the new Russian scene and they have some serious Morning Again worship going on (honestly, shouldn't we all?). For more info on Verdict and Shiver go back and read my past entries.

Anchor - First Year
Anchor has been making some serious noise since they started back in 2007. This release collects their "Captivity Songs" as well as a 7 inch (I think) for a total of 8 songs. Band reminds me alot of Strife and Trial with a vegan straight edge message. I have yet to see them and seriously cant wait to. One of the newer bands that I really dig and are giving the US bands a run. They have a new 7 inch out on Refuse Records which Im working on getting copies of.


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