Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Bloodlet is one of my all time favorite bands. I scanned this interview from The Tribute fanzine, from Florida (Chip may have some info on the zine, i do not)
It's kind of a cool interview is cool because it kind of goes a little deeper and lets you see what the members of the band were about. Kind of "demystifies" them. Also, it explains what a couple of songs are about. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Haven't read this yet, but stoked!! Bloodlet are sadly underrated and probably the best band of the 90s IMO (with Earth Crisis and 18V rounding out the top 3). Criminally overlooked by kids these days.

Dean said...

Wow, Very cool to see. I put this zine together and did the interview with matt at my apartment in florida. It was fun to do since we had become friends since I had moved to Orlando. Although I spent a lot of time putting his name into the bloodlet style, I should have double-checked how his last name was spelled! Easily is pretty cool, but it's actually easley. Glad to see this up here and that someone out there still has a copy of my zine!