Saturday, January 16, 2010

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A truly excellent musical find that I made this past week is TAFKATA's WORKER and PARASITE album. Featuring two former members of the very prolific '90s grindcore staple Enewetak, vocalist Forrest Locke (interview with him coming soon) and bassist Toby Sterrett (on drums in TAFKATA), along with vocalist Brock Elmore, bassist Hugh Blake and guitarist Eddie Bermudez, TAFKATA takes up where Enewetak left off and adds a good deal more Southern fried and Black Sabbath-y sludge to the mix to create an even heavier and more sinister groove. The album is still available on vinyl from Hit The Deck Records and a limited edition TAFKATA t-shirt featuring artwork taken from their only demo and a pre-release CD of WORKER and PARASITE is available from VEDAVU.

TAFKATA - WORKER and PARASITE [2008 - Hit The Deck Records]


autolobotomist said...

Just about the best record ever.