Saturday, January 30, 2010

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I had never heard of Beg For Life until last summer with the exception of my friend Luis who was into them. The band is from Yuma, Arizona and was on tour with The Hoods. Luis told me they sound like Disembodied...I've heard that so many times since the band got back together so I figured I'd go to the show to hang out and see. I went to my car for one reason or another as they were setting up and I heard the band begin, opening up with "Seven Stitches" by Disembodied. I kinda opened my eyes real wide and ran into the club. The band ran through their set, completely destroying everything in their path. I was impressed to say the least and I made it a point to talk to them afterwards. I sat outside and spoke with Jeff and Eddie for about 2 hours. Great guys who seriously love hardcore...okay just wanted to give you a short rundown on how I first heard them.
To get a good understanding of the band, take the best elements of All Out War (the apocalyptic lyrics and Slayer guitar parts), Disembodied (the slow sludgy heavy riffs) and Martyr AD (the speed and discordance) but adding a fresh take on the sound that many bands today seem to lack. Don't get me wrong, the band does draw heavy influences from the aforementioned bands but definitely is not a clone. The recording is excellent, everything can be clearly heard and is distinct. At the time I saw them, they did not have the record available so Eddie sent me the MP3s. I can't comment on the layout since I don't have it but the cover of the record looks like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Lyrically, the band speaks of Hell and the world going to hell in a hand basket. Very dark stuff. Overall, the record is one of my favorites of last year and I really hope the band continues to get on tours. They are hardworking and are single handedly building a scene in small Yuma. If you still dig bands that play that 90s style of metallic hardcore but with a early 2000's feel, you are probably going to like this. Highly recommended. You can check out songs from the record by clicking here and going to their Myspace.
You can order the record and pick up some shirts by checking out their Merch Store.


Darasuum said...

played our first show with them. they're fucking great!

withdrawal204 said...

this band is so fucking underated it's sick. so heavy. if these guys were from a big city everyone would be all over their nuts.