Monday, January 18, 2010

Some of the finest '90s hardcore bands came together in the mid '90s to record this benefit compilation consisting of the entire Embrace self-titled album. Embrace was one of Ian MacKaye's post-Minor Threat and pre-Fugazi bands. Many people (myself included) consider the Embrace album to be MacKaye's best pre-Fugazi work.

Land of Greed... World of Need [1994 - Watermark/Trustkill Records]

1. Nations On Fire - "Give Me Back"
2. Current - "Dance Of Days"
3. Undertow - "Building"
4. Groundwork - "Past"
5. Outspoken - "Spoke"
6. Sparkmarker - "Do Not Consider Yourself Free"
7. Function - "No More Pain"
8. Blindfold - "I Wish I"
9. Avail - "Said Gun"
10. Rancid - "Can't Forgive"
11. Lifetime - "Money"
12. Process - "If I Never Thought About It"
13. Farside - "End Of A Year"
14. Ashes - "Last Song"


Vic said...

Amazing and def overlooked compilation with a lot of GREAT covers. Glad I own this record.

Ben Edge said...

A lot of people talk shit, but the Nations on Fire, Current, and Ashes songs are pretty good. It's funny how Rancid is on it. Listen to that awful walking bass line they inserted into an otherwise perfect song.

consu said...

amazing compilation! undertow takes the gold on this record

Olli said...

I totally agree with Vic, I'm so glad that I own this one on vinyl. The mix of bands is amazing!

Stephen said...

You like Embrace more than Minor Threat??

Anonymous said...


Reusa Records said...

jay destro said...

never really liked this comp, love embrace but always felt that the bands did a poor job. just one man's opinion.

jav said...

this comp is amazing, but Undertow and Groundwork are TERRIBLE on it. even the Farside song sucks. Sparkmarker, Ashes and Current covers are the best. weird that TRUSTKILL put it out too

@joshuarathbun said...

I searched for this for years. I found it sometime last year but lost it when my Ipod crashed. Good to see someone put this up.

forrestlockephoto said...

this thing sucks. Like a lot.

mom said...

I really enjoy the Avail cover which i think does that song a lot of justice. I dont remember which band did it cause its been sooo long since ive listened to this record but who ever added the words "straight edge" to one of the songs. that was weak. worst song by far.