Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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A feature I've been trying to push on here is asking people who were part of the hardcore scene in the 90s to take a look back at what their favorite record of the era is/was. This time, I caught up with Wes Keely, former drummer of Detroit's Earthmover and Walls of Jericho as well as Until The End. Here's what he had to say on the subject:

"My favorite 90's hardcore record is probably not your typical record. The "Samsara" record from Catharsis is by far my favorite record from the 90's. I think I have more of a personal connection to the band and to that record, Catharsis was the first band that I ever went on the road with when I was like 18 playing in Earthmover. The tour was supposed to be Earthmover, Catharsis, and Gehenna but Gehenna dropped off. The band and the line up they had for that record and on that tour was just the most amazing thing ever, the most angry dudes on stage taking out their rage on the world and on corporate America with dumpster diving DIY ethics you would think they were crazy. Nicest dudes, biggest hearts, I am still friends with all of them to this day.
But on to the record! Listening to it, its so thrashy and pissed and still sounds huge today. There are few records to me that I can listen to and it makes me want to sell all my material belongings and start living under a bridge and fighting against the man. This record does just that. Lost of double bass Alexei just killing it, Brian screaming all over the place, kind of in time but kind of not, Matt and Dan just wrecking their instruments with thrash and melody haha if that’s even possible! Ernie on the sidelines just waiting for his turn to rock! Over all it's easily my favorite hardcore record from the 90's. Catharsis "Samsara" get into it, this band was always under rated :/"

Wes is now based out in Seattle playing in a band called Again and Again. You can check out the band as well as some tunes by clicking here.


arben said...

love this feature. keep 'em coming!

Just Jarrod said...

Awesome feature! Catharsis "Samsara" is one of my favorites as well. A killer record that still stands the test of time. Amazing live too!