Monday, February 28, 2011

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Here's some more H8000 for ya, Legion's 'Embedded In Darkness' MCD, which was released on Days Of Fury Records out of the UK in 1998. Legion played brutal metalcore that was more deathmetal than hardcore, somewhat along the lines of Deformity. Wulf of Deformity does backup vocals on this MCD as well. The few times I saw em live they were pretty good, including a couple of shows my old band played with them. To be honest, the MCD doesn't do them justice based on their live-shows, but it's a piece of H8000 history nonetheless. Besides a demo and this MCD, Legion also appeared on a number of compilations including the 'One HELL Of A Compilation' on Blasphemour Records. Members went on to bands such as Crimson Falls, Blood Redemption, Flatcat and Morda. Guitarist Minx even did time in Nations On Fire before Legion if I'm correct. Anyways, enjoy some more H8000.

BTW, the final track is incredible... Not.

Legion - Embedded In Darkness MCD (download removed due to complaints)


XMosaSaurusX said...

Hey XEmonerdX, ik heb hun demo van ´1994... ;-p

By the way, laat me me ff summier voorstellen: 36jarige Hardcore fanaat uit regio Maastricht, met meer dan 2300 bands in z'n collectie, 80s to present Hardcore & Punk, met grote trots/voorliefde voor B & NL Hardcore + Punk

XhcnoirX said...

Hey Mosa... Cool :) 37 en uit Eindhoven. Vroeger nog 'n paar keer in/rond M-town gespeeld met Disdain :)

XMosaSaurusX said...

Was een goeie band Emo... m´n complimenten trouwens met je blog, net als deze hier 1 vd betere ;-) mocht ik je ooit verder kunnen helpen als je iets zoekt, gooi gerust een balletje op hier via message board of op