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Spineless was one of the best H8000 bands in the '90s in my opinion. They were a band from Kortrijk, in the south of Belgium, which also explains why the coat of arms of Kortrijk is present on the cover of their releases. The 'CMD' that appears below the coat of arms on the 'Painfields' cover stands for 'Cortrycke Mosh Division', their local crew. Anyways, they started out in 1996, and after a demo which I unfortunately do not have, they released a MCD/7" called 'Painfields' on Hans Liar's Sober Mind Records in 1997. Love this mini, and I saw this band several times since the MCD was released. They were always awesome live, and had lotsa energy. Good times.

The next year, they recorded and released the follow-up, which would also turn out to be their last release. Their album '...A Talk Between Me And The Stars...' was also released on Sober Mind Records, on both CD and LP, in 1998. Their style had changed a bit and become somewhat darker. Awesome album, definitely one of my favorite H8000 releases. They also re-recorded 2 tracks from the 'Painfields' MCD for this album. The full-length would also be licensed to Refuse Records in Poland who released it on cassette.

The band would also appear on a couple of compilations, including the 'Vort'n Vis' compilation which Chip posted here. After Spineless ended in 1999, 3 members started a new band called Amenra, which is still going strong (with 2 Spineless members nowadays) and is nothing short of amazing, do check them out if you haven't yet. Other bands which feature(d) Spineless members include Congress, Hive Destruction, Kingdom and Natural Order.

Spineless - Painfields MCD (download removed due to complaints)
Spineless - ...A Talk Between Me And The Stars... CD (download removed due to complaints)
Spineless myspace


Andy Vegan said...

Kingdom is an excellent band...not the Philly one...I never knew they had members of Spineless. I would agree with them being one of the best h8000 bands too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry bro, but Kortrijk is in the Northwest of Belgium ;)

Keep up the great work with the blog btw, you guys got me into the 90's metalcore.

XhcnoirX said...

Anonymous, if Kortrijk is in the northwest of Belgium, being only a few km from the French border, what does that make Bruges :) I know what you mean tho, should've said southwest.

Anonymous said...

Well, Luxemburg is south of Belgium, imo. I live in Gent btw.

But whatever, I'm not going to spoil this with silly rants. So I haven't said a word ;)