Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Recently, a kind reader from Switzerland sent me a package with a nice selection of demo tapes and CDs in the mail, and within that box was both Powerhouse demos.  Yes, there was another Powerhouse from Florida, but this Powerhouse was from Oakland, CA.  They played NYHC style hardcore, but gave it their own West Coast spin.  Playing throughout the Northwest a lot in the mid-late 90s, my friends and I always enjoyed when they would come up here, as they put on a great show.  Also of note is that Powerhouse's bass player, Ernie Cortez, passed away a few years back.  He was always an incredibly nice guy, and he is sorely missed by many.

All that being said, here is Powerhouse's first demo from 1994.

Powerhouse - OBHC
[demo 1994]


Across Your Face said...

THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!! Powerhouse Rules!

Anonymous said...

I just stumble upon my Shirt from this Demo, same graphic of the guy on the front...I remember getting the demo and the shirt from them when it came out. I remember Eric from Redemption 87 being shocked to see a Powerhouse shirt here in Maryland when they play at the 180 Club in Hagerstown many moons ago. He said they played together alot and didn't think he would see someone in MD hearing of them!

actionxjackson said...


Anonymous said...

I might throw my copy of the Demo and the shirt up on ebay if anyone is interested?

Anonymous said...

I loved this too! I wrote them and noticed the similarity with a New Jersey band (that one of their members was in). SO they sent me a t-shirt and a song going on a new compilation (pre-release track, who would do that now?).

Can't get it from the link unfortunately.

Unknown said...

Their first demo was awesome. They had another really good song after it that was on compilation too. They were good with their new sound too, but the original stuff was my favorite.