Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Burn It Down formed sometime in the mid 1990s, and came to an end in 2001. They were fronted by Ryan Downey who previously sang for Hardball and Warpath. He also spent some time editing and publishing Vanguard, the Hardline zine, after founder Sean Muttaqi decided to take some time away from it. I never got to see Burn It Down, because they broke up just before they were supposed to play Portland with Shadows Fall and In Flames, but I always heard that they put on a great live show. A majority of Burn It Down's discography is still in print (the Eat Sleep Mate Defend 10" is incredible!), but here is the out of print, self titled 7" that came out on Uprising Records in 1997.

Burn It Down - self titled
Uprising Records [1997]


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xfragglex said...

I was lucky enough to have seen Burn It Down once in 2001 and it was pretty awesome. Granted it was at Hellfest, but I was still pretty stoked regardless.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Please upload Burn It Down - Let The Dead Bury The Dead and Eat Sleep Mate Defend!