Thursday, January 29, 2009

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From the South Florida Music Scene blog

"So here it is...Night of Broken Glass. This was John Wylie's (of Morning Again) emo-core band. Before you jump up and down and lose your mind about the word "emo", before these bands you see on MTV with their tight pants and eyeliner singing about some girl who "broke their heart", emo meant EMOTIONAL HARDCORE!! The midwest in the 90s was huge on this stuff and of those my favorite was Split Lip who became Chamberlain. NOBG must have sat down and listened to "For the Love Of the Wounded" a few times because these songs would have fit nicely on there. This demo unfortunately only contains 2 songs but 6 were recorded. A friend from Miami says he has them but isnt quite sure where they are so Ill keep you posted on the status of those. The band was a super group of sorts in South Florida feature Eric Laetner (Jordan's brother) on vocals, John and Kevin from Morning Again on guitars, Bundee from Mehkago NT on bass and long time showgoer Edwin on drums. Eventually they would go through lineup changes and I was never able to see them play. I heard the tape for the first time in about 10 years and it still sounds fresh. Again, Ill keep trying to find the other songs but until then, enjoy the demo "Best Friend Material". I was also able to scan the lyric sheet so thats an added bonus. Members went on to and previously played in Culture, Morning Again, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Until the End, Trust No One, Waking Kills the Dream, Dead Blue Sky, Mehkago NT, A Jealousy Issue and Crestfallen."

Night Of Broken Glass - Demo