Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Alright a little backstory...Culture re-recorded tracks from Born Of You in response to Mike Warden of Conquer the World Records selling the record and not paying royalties. This was supposed to be released on Toybox Records but never saw the light of day. The title is a take on "Chung King Can Suck It". Great recording and includes a cover of Judge's "Fed Up"

Culture - Mike Warden Can Suck It


Malik said...

ha. dude, i took this pic.

Malik said...

i don't even remember scanning this pic... where did you get if from?

xCHIPxSEM said...

I got it from the Culture myspace page

mikectw said...

Hey guys would appreciate if you edited this part because it reflects bad upon my current business.

"Culture re-recorded tracks from Born Of You in response to Mike Warden of Conquer the World Records selling the record and not paying royalties.

Culture never got royalties as a matter of fact no band EVER got "royalties". The statement is absurd to begin with because there is no royalties with a DIY record deal. You get 10% of every pressing FOR FREE that's your royalties.

Culture decided to that because I let born of you go out of print on CD because it sold out and then the band screwed me over. Had zero to do with anything else.

So fucking tired of all those rumors of ripping bands off. Being I have a lot of experience in marketing I know creating controversy sells records and that's all it was. We never had contracts so I could never do anything about it. It was a punk label, it was DIY.

Bands got popular because of my A/R work and being on the label then screwed me over and went on to other things. That's all it was.

I did the best I could.

rob mafia said...

yeah, it's just sheer coincidence that a fuckton of bands that dealt with you ended up hating you, and all having a similar story/reasons.

"controversy sells records and that's all it was."

what a crock of shit. yeah, bands that hate you only mentioned it because they wanted YOU to profit. riiiiiiiiiiiight. real believable.

and as for 'reflecting badly on your current business' - fuck you. if you created the controvery for your business (your cop-out bullshit), then reap what you sow.

if that's bullshit, and you're just a lying scumbag... then reap what you sow.

no matter how you look at it, you're responsible for your shitty reputation. the end result is the same.

and the best part - you asked them to edit something... and then quoted it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

shyster dumbass.

Damien Moyal said...

Yeah, what's funny is that I clearly remember getting royalties for other DIY bands on DIY labels... just not this DIY band on that particular DIY label. Not a lot, but royalties nonetheless.

Did Culture realistically have royalties owed to us for CTW? Who knows? Maybe not. But don't think for a fucking minute that it's impossible for an independent band to get some dough for records sold.

robmafia said...