Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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While I havent given my recap of Burning Fight yet, I felt this was more important at the the moment. I may not know all the members of 7 Generations I did finally meet Chris this weekend (in the airport of all places) and I am truly saddened that they are calling it quits. They have plans for the rest of the year to be as active as possible until October when they play their last show. Check out the 7 Generations Myspace for up to date info. Crossing my fingers that Ill get to see them before they break up. Heres what Chris had to say in regards to the decision:

Dearest friends,

For the last six years, I have had a most cherished and enriching opportunity; to take part in something that I have truly believed in. When Seven Generations first began, in what now feels like a thousand years ago, I had not the slightest notion that it would prove to be such a monumental advent in my life. It is an experience that has brought me more joy and sorrow, more unexpected triumph and foreboding defeat, more sacred optimism and profane cynicism than any other endeavor or epoch that I have ever experienced. It has been a great source of simultaneous pride and humility for which I will never have anything but the utmost gratitude. However, lamentably, at this moment in the short and passionate journey through mortality, I feel the time has come for this effort to come to an end.

Naturally, I am aware of the fact that compared to the majority of other groups that have come and gone through our little community, Seven Generations has been quite small and insignificant. There are a great many things that we have never had the fond circumstances of taking part in and additionally, there are really such a miniscule number of individuals who have a place in their hearts for our band. However, looking back on our short time together, it is hard to feel anything but an overwhelming love for everything that I have gotten to feel and participate in as a result of our small and poor band.

When we were writing our first songs, I thought that perhaps we would be offered one or two shows a year by someone who took pity on us and that we would end up playing to a largely empty room of people tapping their feet anxiously waiting for us to finish. I never would have imagined that we would have been offered the kindness, support and love that have come our way in these last six years. To think that individuals, not only across this country, but also in Europe, South America and Asia would extend themselves to us and express such wonderfully encouraging sentiments is nearly inconceivable. Furthermore, we have had the joy of finding out that our band and our efforts have enriched others lives the way many bands of our youth enriched our own. We have had individuals who have told us that our band has helped them overcome the torments of having been abused or raped; who have found consolation in our music that has helped them deal with the disenchantment of losing faith in religion and find pride in their new found heretical existence; who have discovered the ability to care for other living creatures and thusly taken up the cause of animal, human and earth liberation; who have risen above the confines of intoxication to develop a view of life so much more vivified and vital than that which was there before. We have been able to use our band to raise money for legal defense funds for political prisoners, for battered women’s shelters, for efforts to feed and shelter the poor and for organizations that strive to end the destruction of the environment. We have been able to share the stage with some of our heroes from the past and with contemporary bands that are both inspiring and exciting. We have been fortunate enough to form friendships both at home and abroad that will be a source of comfort until our dying days. Lastly, we have had the experience of discovering that underground hardcore punk is still a potent, meaningful and thriving culture. There are no words to express the profundity of all of these experiences, save to say that if I never again experience such emotions, I will be nourished for the rest of my life on the memories of these times.

Our last show is not yet scheduled, but we intend to say farewell sometime in fall 2009, most likely in October, at the legendary and hallowed Che Café. Until then, we would like to spend as much time with you as possible, so please do feel free to contact us and we will do as much as we can to make sure our final months together are active and meaningful. Thank you so very much for all that you have given us. We will love and cherish all of you, our friends, forever.

“Hate on and love through unrepining hours…”

Chris Rouse, on behalf of Seven Generations


Louisville Joe said...

That sucks. I suppose the chances of them playing Louisville before they break up are pretty slim.

Anonymous said...

who cares.
this band is fucking horrible live.
you'll see a half hour of a dude telling kids to kill cops because their rich asses won't do it themselves.

Greg said...

I'm gonna miss this band.

Kyle said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares.
this band is fucking horrible live.
you'll see a half hour of a dude telling kids to kill cops because their rich asses won't do it themselves."

this is possibly one of my favorite bands [that are still playing]

i see this band every time i get.
its a huge bummer.

california is loosing its last anarchist xvx band.
and im not even over gather breaking up yet.

Kyle said...

hey, you might want to post something about the last 7 generations show. gather is doing a reunion for it.
should be epic.