Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Heres a statement from hate5six.com:

After a 15 hour drive home, a towed car, and a speeding ticket, my friends and I finally made it home. This weekend I was privileged to cover the Burning Fight book release show in its entirety. This was a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity and I would like to extend my deepest thanks to everyone who made it all possible. Congratulations to Brian Peterson for completing his written documentation of the 90's hardcore landscape and thanks to Jim Grimes and Caitlin Lipinski for all their hard work. I'd like to send a special thank-you to Caitlin for answering all of my pestering e-mails and for not strangling me this weekend; I can't even begin to think how much of a nuisance I was to her.

The goals of this DIY project of mine have always been:

1. Deliver the highest quality live videos
2. Share all footage in its entirety
3. Publish videos as quickly possible

I believed Burning Fight needed to be covered in this manner. For the thousands of people unable to attend, and for those who were fortunate enough to be there, I wanted capture everything and deliver it while the excitement and passion from the event was still palpable. I am generally very thorough in terms of presenting my work (proper titles, setlists, etc), but in the interest of getting the footage out there as quickly as possible, I've decided to release all the footage in three phases:

Phase 1: Each set will be posted as raw footage with little or no editing/labeling. I'd hate to keep people waiting to see the footage solely because I'm attempting to satiate my anal retentive standards.

Phase 2: Each set will be edited and properly parsed/labeled. Videos in this phase will also be dubbed over with audio from the soundboard. Many thanks to Mike Gam for sharing the audio and Rusty Aggacid for manning the soundboard all weekend. Mike and/or I will also be sharing the audio source for anyone who is interested. Soundboard audio was captured for Ringworm, Guilt, Underdog, 108, Killing Time, Trial, Disembodied, Harm's Way, The Killer, Blacklisted, Have Heart, Threadbare, Split Lip, Reach the Sky, Bane, Converge, and Unbroken.

Phase 3: Each set will be available, in its entirety, for free download. I plan on spending a considerable amount of time determining the best way to achieve this. More on this to come...

How Can You Help?

I will need a lot of help with this...

1. I ask that everyone be patient as I work to get this all up. Roughly speaking, an hour's worth of video takes an hour to transfer, approximately 2-3 hours to encode, and a very long time to upload (this is just for Phase 1, too). There were 22 bands this weekend (all with varying set lengths) so this will take some time. My plan is to have at least 1 set up each day (possibly more on the weekends starting some time this week). The order in which the footage will be released is undetermined. The mathematician inside me is wanting to use a random number generator; any other order would presumably cause people's heads to explode due to anticipation.

2. My overall knowledge of the setlists is incomplete. Some bands provided setlists to me, some bands said the names of the songs during the set, and others played stuff I never heard before. If you're familiar with a band's catalog to the point where you can identify every song they played (hell, if you're in the band), please contact me (hate5sixproductions@gmail.com). This will expedite Phase 2 and Phase 3 considerably. As you're watching the sets, just note the name of the song and the approximate time stamp. I'm sure I can figure it all out myself, but there are just way too many gaps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

3. Please don't request a DVD of the show. I feel bad saying no to the numerous requests I've received about this, but at this time I cannot grant such requests for a myriad of reasons. As I said above, I will make everything available for free download during Phase 3.

This is going to be a long project, but it will be undeniably well worth the wait. I appreciate everyone's patience in advance and I assure you every song from every band will see the light of day in the relative near future. As Jim Grimes said before Unbroken, "this is your show." Thanks again to everyone who made this weekend unforgettable: from the organizers to the bands to the amazing people I met to everyone who donated money for tapes--you are the reasons why I love hardcore.

Please repost this message everywhere you can in its entirety. Follow me on Twitter for updates and progress reports: twitter.com/hate5six


You can watch the unedited footage of Trial's set here:


Hate5Six Productions said...

Thanks for the repost! Only correction: the url in the title should be hate5six.com, not hate56.com.

xCHIPxSEM said...

Oh whoops. Sorry about that...fixing it right now

Sanford said...

wow! so stoked this guy is putting in the effort to put all that footage up. way to go, dude!

Unknown said...

Does he want any sort of donation or anything? F-ing awesome. Thanks. How did you like the Midwest? Milwaukee represent!

v. said...

Great, good job & alot of passion. Thanks

Jeff J Jawk said...


xTitix said...

Great for those who can't make it, can't wait to see all these shows!

Congrats and thanks for the awesome work!

Hate5Six Productions said...

Thanks, everyone. I seriously appreciate the feedback. I'm a one man operation and this is purely a hobby of mine (I don't even do anything closely related to video/film for my profession). All of this is funded through the few donations I've received and whatever I can afford out of my own pocket.

I'd like to continue doing this as long as I can regardless of whether or not donations come in, but they are welcome and extremely extremely appreciated.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Hate5Six Productions said...

Also, I loved the midwest and wished I could have seen more. I guess it's not really the midwest, but I was denied service at a restaurant on the border of PA/Ohio because I'm not white. That was pretty weird. It's okay though; seeing Trial made up for that.

xbojanx said...

Hey HAte5Six, your site is so great, keep on great job, thanx for this, from across the ocean :)))