Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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This was requested so here we go. Great release from one of the best Emo-core bands of the 90s. Members went on to By the Grace of God, Elliott, and 32 Frames

Empathy - I Need



Anonymous said...

sweet, thanks.

i forgot this existed.

mikectw said...

I didn't. Most the CTW catalog is available in the major Digital stores and has been for years. Makes up for all the dsitributors who ripped me off constantly.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess that evens out because of the bands that you ripped off constantly.

xCoryx said...

Hey guys. I've been slowly going through the stuff on your blog, and i just wanted to say that im really liking this release. I'm glad i randomly dl'ed it.

Thanks for all the awesome uploads and interviews and stuff!

Bryan said...

Ah haha, tushay!

CTW released some of the greats...ya cant spite him for that! Way to go Warden!