Friday, May 1, 2009

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Im less than an hour from leaving for the airport to head up to Chicago for Burning Fight and Im pretty excited (outside of my usual flying anxiety). Justin is currently boarding to head there as well so between the two of us, we should have a pretty comprehensive retrospect of the weekend. I also know that a site (the name escapes me) is recording the sets and will have them available to stream for FREE on their site in the near future. He said he is going to record all of the reunions and then some of the other bands as well, time provided. We'll update you on that as soon as know more. Being the huge merchhound that I am, Ill have pictures of merch when I get back and Im sure Justin is going to track down some vinyl so we'll try and update this as each day ends but I dont know if Ill have access to a computer while Im there. If you are reading this and attending the show, please come up and say hi. Looking forward to a great weekend...

Chip XXX


xtitix said...

Have fun you are so lucky and I hope some bands will play in Europe too!!!