Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Here is a cool compilation documenting the French hardcore scene in the late '90s. It was released in 1998 as the first release on Overcome Records, the label done by David of Stormcore, who are also on this double CD compilation. It features an overview of the (harder side of the) French hardcore scene at the time. The bands featured on this compilation are: A.W.O.L., Kickback, Underground Society, Right For Life, Drowning, Children, Headway, Trapped In Life, Primal Age, Seekers Of The Truth, Hang Up and Stormcore. Except Headway, all bands have 2 songs on here, and a lot of the songs on here are previously unreleased.

This is a great compilation for the most part, but some bands do stand out. I've already written all I wanted about A.W.O.L. here and here. Can't recommend this band enough. Best band to come out of France ever, IMHO. I also wrote about Trapped In Life here. The Drowning tracks are still in their old, tough NYHC meets death metal style mixed with the old singer (Jean-Marc, who also did Inner Rage Records), great stuff. Kickback doing a cover of Breakdown's 'Kickback', gotta love it. I'm also planning a post on Children, who did a superb full-length after this compilation, very creative band.

Anyways, check it out.

V/A - The Nightmare Remains... In This Other Land CD 1
V/A - The Nightmare Remains... In This Other Land CD 2
V/A - The Nightmare Remains... In This Other Land scans


MiXX said...

Oh great post, this is THE compilation du nyhc de france.

Yeah do the Children album, they were fucking awesome live.

I will post my rip someday on my blog.

David said...

Ha tout une époque. Cette scène n'était peut être pas ultra diy/politisé (y'avait tout de même pas mal de débat par rapport à la scène plus diy/hc/emo d'alors), mais une authenticité et une intégrité qu'on retrouve de moins en moins chez les nombreux groupes actuels). Tu n'aurais pas les demos d'HANG-UP et HEADWAY? (quel con de les avoir donné!)

matty said...

yo thanks for the upload but can you upload track 11, Drowning 'surrounded by demons'??