Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Limited Pressing is proud to announce the complete redesign of their site including: a new store type for Ticket Selling, full color and CSS customization for all stores, integrated digital download system, as well as many other features. In honor of their relaunch, they're offering our readers any store free for one year if you use the promo code STUCKINTHEPAST. Remember, Limited Pressing webstores are more than just for selling products. They're like a mini website. For instance a Label Store has music players, news that can be followed by any user, a dedicated discography section, as well as separate pages for all your bands. This is on top of Unlimited Product selling and management, which is currently offered no where on the Internet. The stores are free for 1 year, so get over to the stores section and pick one up. While you're there, check out our feed in the Hoverboard.

Limited Pressing is a great site run by some awesome dudes, so check it out!


Willem RWHAF said...

This is some independant ebay kinda thing, nice.

But I have some questions:

Will the auctions appear in the searchresults of google or any other searchmachine?

Will there be some kind of feedback system? This is important for the safety in buying!

Willem RWHAF said...

I saw the charity auction (the new Converge LP, with the chards to be
precise) and that is why I thought you guys were running an independant
auctions site. This was my first impression of your project. So sorry but I
realise now that it is more than that and I also concurr with the fact that
you don't want to be profiled as that.