Thursday, May 20, 2010

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I had planned on posting something else but a friend of mine brought up the full length of Where Eagles Dare and my train of thought was completely derailed. No, this is not the full length, this is actually the debut EP from Arizona's Where Eagles Dare. I can't quite remember how I became friends with their bass player, John. I think we had mutual friends...either way he told me about his band and sent me a copy of the record. The band played fast but were incredibly melodic with Jaesyn's high pitched screaming over it. I heard a comparison to Shutdown from someone but I never heard it personally. I seriously fell in love with this record. At only 7 songs, I felt like it was a tease. I did manage to see them twice and finally meet John in person which was great. He also sang for a band called George Moshington (great name). While the band wasn't reinventing the wheel by any means, the sound was fresh in 2002 when most bands were still chugga chugga-ing. As most bands do, they ran their course and broke up but this will always hold a special place in my heart. Check it out, see what you think. Enjoy!!

Where Eagles Dare - In A Thousand Words Or Less


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I was fortunate enough to see these guys open for Avail in AZ several years ago. They were great live. I have the full length and have never had a chance to pick up the EP. Thanks!

Alternate 1995 said...

Nice I got to check this out in the morning. I have their full length on vinyl, only listened to it once though. It was released on an LI label, so I just bought it. If it sounds like shutdown I'm loving it already.

xjustinx said...

Got to play with these guys more than a handful of times. Seriously awesome dudes from top to bottom.

Jon said...


I was actually putting together a near discography for the new blog ( and actually posted their last 2 songs + another non album song.

Great guys and john is a real character (read: great person).
He also currently sings for Royal Monsters.

great post

Unknown said...

Great post. I picked this up somewhere a couple of years ago and love it.

Jon said...

Re-upped the songs after Chip got a corrupted track.
Also posted the full length "To Come From Nowhere"

Anonymous said...

This EP is freaking amazing. Thanks for putting it up. All the guys in the band are great dudes, which makes it easier for you to like them!! Jsn fronts another amazing band, RED SON (, and John does vox for Royal Monsters, who have released a S/T 7inch on NEW AGE RECORDS!! P.S. this is by far the best blog ever, no joke!

Anonymous said...

So you fell in love with this record, know the bass player and know that they split up?

HOW ABOUT BRINGING THEM BACK TOGETHER??? Tell them to sort their shit out, make a re-union and produce more of these godlike songs?? ;)