Sunday, May 30, 2010

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After the Shaft/Jane split CD got posted on the awesome Mind Intrusion blog, I offered to rip him the 'Taskmaster' MCD from 1997. So here it is, 4 songs of great death metal/metalcore with lyrics emphasizing the atheist beliefs of singer Dirk Jochums. They took the Belgian H8000 sound (even recording in one of the more popular studios for H8000 bands to record at, Studio Midas) and adding death metal influences to it, slightly similar to Deformity. This might also be why they seemed way more popular in Belgium (especially the H8000 area) than in Germany. Besides this MCD and the aformentioned split CD with Jane they also released a very limited 7" on Stormstrike Records (200 copies total).

Members went on to bands such as Allgentle, Killcast and Still Screaming.

Shaft - Taskmaster MCD