Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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With the upswing in an easy ability to create and maintain websites in the mid 2000s, print zines saw a very sharp decline around the same time.  Although there were at least three horrible zines for every great one out there, the internet created a wasteland of over-exerted opinions in the form of livejournal, blogger (yes, I know) and wordpress.  Rumpshaker ended its run in 1999 prior to this changing of the guard, and it was always a shining example of what a great zine should be.

Fast forward 13 years, and Rumpshaker has come back with issue number six, and Eric doesn't seem to have missed a beat at all.  At 144 pages, it's a lot to take in, but just like the days of yore, he has packed it with great content.

Interviews with Mike Judge, Limp Wrist and Sick Of It All are the standouts for me, simply due to my affection for the subjects at hand.  Even with the bands I have little to no interest in, Eric has continued to hold my interest by asking questions that aren't run of the mill and found in every single other interview out there.  However, that's nothing new for Rumpshaker, and is one of the qualities that always set it above and beyond most other zines in my eyes.

In one of the most intriguing ongoing segments in memory, Eric once again interviewed three musicians (Walter Schreifels, Dan Yemin and Chuck D) and their mothers.  Getting an inside look into how a mother views their child getting into and progressing with underground culture is heavily interesting, and always made me look forward to the next issue of Rumpshaker, of which hopefully there will be another.

The bottom line here is that Rumpshaker came out of the box 13 years later with a top notch zine.  Pick it up!


Anonymous said...

Eric is awesome, always was, and still is!