Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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When I was uploaded the Voice Of The Voiceless, someone (might have been Guav) mentioned Rob R Rock. I realized I had intended on uploading this a while back but never got around to it so here we are. Honestly, it's really not that bad...sounds like hip hop of the era (late 80's, early 90's). I found this little tidbit of info from Rob himself on the Livewire board:

"For what its worth, that track "Cruelty Free" was kind of slapped together during a recording session DJ Evercool and I did at that time. The rest of the session is much tighter and serious lyrically. It came out as the HARDCORE REALITY "straight up" 12" on a German label, Brain Police. (It also has the SxE counterpart to "Cruelty Free"... "Poison Free")."

Not sure of the year but maybe 1991 or somewhere in that range. I honestly don't know if there was an actual cover for the 12 inch or if this sticker you see above was the only thing so if anyone knows, let us know.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

Rob R Rock (Hardcore Reality) - Straight Up


XemonerdX said...

My copy also has just that sticker.

Anonymous said...

Rob R Cock was not only a terrible rapper but a scam artist. eff this guy