Friday, July 26, 2013

Spread The Disease (STD) was an Canadian band and side project of Dave from New Day Rising. They made a name for themselves here in the states and in Canada by playing unrelenting metal and violent shows. They only put out 2 full lengths on Eulogy and a 7" in their short career before they broke up in 1999. Here's a link to their first full length: We Bleed From Many Wounds


Dan said...

Great album. I still give this at least a spin or two a month. The vocals, I think are still some of the harshest ever off of a hardcore/metal record.

On another note, I have a request- is it all possible that you guys could re-up "Cursed Be the Deceiver" by Dead Eyes Under? I have the 10", but no means to rip it. Thank you, and this blog rules.

Anonymous said...

still one of my fave records, so many great riffs and very unique for that time. they also did a split besides their 7".

Anonymous said...

That was a fun layout to work on. It really pushed my Photoshop skills to the limit back then, lol!

- Sean